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Chris Lorenzo Unleashes ‘MAMI’ on New Record Label Late Checkout

To the bourgeois-beat… After months of fans desperately begging Chris Lorenzo for the ID, the producer/DJ finally unleashed his secret weapon, “MAMI,” while simultaneously debuting his brand new record label, Late Checkout. Working alongside the alluring Swedish vocalist and electro-producer COBRAH, “MAMI” is a buzzing, addicting tech house banger that has driven dancefloors all over into a frenzy since it began circulating in March this year.

Check “MAMI” out below:

Lorenzo’s signature, deep bassline and clever use of steel drums creates a sizzling backdrop for COBRAH’s voice to take center stage; her sinfully pleasing vocal hook, “Me and mami, doing drugs in the penthouse suite,” sears itself into the depths of your mind. “MAMI” is an instant club hit, and the perfect record for Lorenzo to launch his new label with. Lorenzo’s new record label, Late Checkout, marks the beginning of a new chapter in his career. We can’t wait to see what this new chapter has in store for him! 

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