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PEEKABOO Shares Dark Dubstep Banger ‘Bumpy Road’

Detroit-based DJ and producer PEEKABOO has stayed at the very top of our must-watch list for quite some time now. Always creating unique wonky beats with his signature style of freeform bass, PEEKABOO is one of the most creative genre-bending and blending artists in the industry. His latest single “Bumpy Road” takes us on a hypnotic journey blending sounds from bass, hip-hop, trance and dubstep.

Check out “Bumpy Road” via NIGHTMODE below:

PEEKABOO has a way of reeling listeners into his deep dubstep realm with his mesmerizing and mind-melting sound design. Taking us on the ride of “Bumpy Road” PEEKABOO creates an atmospheric soundscape filled with eerie synths and heavy bass drops. It’s a thriller and a chiller. 

Of the release PEEKABOO stated:

This was one of the most fun songs I’ve worked on. It has this strange rhythm and melody that you can sing back to, which is somewhat hypnotic and has those classic hip hop drums to back it up. I wanted this track to stand out a little bit more from my usual stuff as I can’t really compare it to anything else that I’ve done.”

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