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RB Exclusive Interview: Jason Ross on the Release of His Sophomore Album ‘Atlas’

Jason Ross, who’s mastered the art of melodic bass, has just released a fantastic sophomore album. After releasing three singles over the last few months, we’re excited he’s released the project in it’s entirety. We had a chance to speak with him following the release and ahead of his upcoming performances in October. Check it out!

Congrats on the release of your album, Atlas! It’s an incredible project. How do you feel now that it’s out, and how has the response been so far?

Thanks so much! I feel really good now that the album is out! It’s so great to finally share this with the world and hear their reactions as they’ve been super positive so far, so that makes me happy. I especially can’t wait to finally play these out live on the tour!

Atlas started as a livestream show during the height of the pandemic. How did it develop from there and become an album?

I decided to name the album ‘Atlas’ because of the family that grew from these livestreams. The concept I had for the album coming into it was this idea of ‘home’ and it really just made sense to call it ‘Atlas’ as that was home for me and my fans throughout the pandemic.

There are a lot of great collabs on the album. How did these come together? 

A lot of the collaborations are from really good friends of mine – some who I’ve worked with before and some who we just never got around to collaborating till now (like Mitis).

It’s no surprise that Atlas is out via Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records, as it’s been your long time home for releases. What’s it been like working with that team over the years?  

I really feel like Jeff and Ophelia have given me a platform to really explore who I am as an artist. They’ve been so supportive of me and my ever evolving sound. I never really thought to explore new genres until I met Jeff, and doing so has made me evolve substantially in my music.

How does this new album compare to your 2020 debut, 1000 Faces

I’ve grown a lot since 1000 Faces. I think I’ve become more confident in who I am as a producer and what I’m really trying to convey through my music. I think my music has definitely matured since 1000 Faces but still shares the same sonic identity.

You’re taking the album on the road! What are you most excited for on the Atlas tour? 

 I’m so excited for fans to experience all of this new music and the set I’ve been planning.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to Phoenix this October. What can fans expect? 

Expect a brand new Jason Ross show like never before – new visuals, new music and so much more. Bring the energy like you guys always do!

Catch Jason Ross on the Atlas Tour and hear the spectacular album live! He’ll be Albuquerque on October 6th and in Tempe on October 7th. Grab tickets now!

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