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GRiZ & LSDREAM Share Long-Awaited Collab ‘FUNKONAUT’

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Space bass legends GRiZ & LSDREAM have just shared their first-ever collaboration, “FUNKONAUT”! Get ready to have your soul slapped. Check out “FUNKONAUT” below: 

“FUNKONAUT” blasts us straight into outer space on a psychedelic funk-filled journey! GRiZ and LSDREAM are two of the very best bass-funk masterminds and this collaboration is everything we could ever dream of and more. First debuted back in 2021 at GRiZ’s Space Camp, “FUNKONAUT” has been one of the most highly-anticipated collabs of the year! The vibrant combination of wonky, face-melting dubstep and a groovy bassline brings an insane amount of energy. “FUNKONAUT” is absolutely electric and we’re already looking forward to hearing some more LSDRiZ. 

Get ready to feel the funk when GRiZ takes stage at Dusk Music Festival in Tucson, Arizona this November 11th-12th! Get more information about the event and grab your tickets here.

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