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RB Exclusive Interview: DROELOE

DROELOE is a genre-defying master of his craft. His attention to detail on every aspect of a release, from the creation to the execution and promotion, does not go unnoticed. DROELOE is continuously innovating and evolving; he’s started performing DNB sets and we’re thrilled he’ll be showcasing one in Arizona this weekend! We had a chance to chat with DROELOE about his upcoming performance and more. Check it out below!

We love your community visualizers! Where did this idea come from? Are you going to continue doing these for your releases? 

The first song we asked the community to collaborate on was Aurora, a song about the small exciting feeling when starting  the day and what it can bring you. 

I don’t remember where exactly the idea started but I remember feeling like the story would gain a lot more depth if it wasn’t just about one person’s morning but more about  that feeling in different contexts of people experiencing it. 

I would love to continue doing these community driven visuals, but only if it really adds to the story being told. (So yes!!)

DROELOE – Holiday (feat. Ponette) [Community Visualizer]

Why is it so important for you to involve your fan community in your projects?

I really love involving listeners in the story I’m trying to tell through the music, because that way, the story becomes ours instead of just mine. And I love how the idea of “Sonder” gets amplified every time we collaborate like this. 

What were some highlights from the Unexpected Odyssey tour that concluded this spring?

The show we did in Denver really stuck with me, something about that place and the people there has a magical quality to it. It’s hard to explain but I guess the best way would be to say that “we were all there in that moment!” 

You performed your first drum & bass set this summer. Is this a genre you’ve been wanting to perform for awhile? What are some of your favorite DNB tracks? 

I’ve loved listening to drum & bass pretty much since I was introduced to electronic music, and yes! Been definitely wanting to play a dnb set because those were pretty much the only raves / parties I attended in the past. I love to just go off during those. 

And a favorite, oof, that really depends on the mood I’m in. “Current Value – No Halfsteppin’” if I’m ready to rage, “Sleepnet – Angel Blade” for some moody mysterious evening walks or something, and “Annix – I Like To” to get into high spirits to name a few. 

What can fans expect from your upcoming DNB set in Tempe?

A dnb rollercoaster!

Heading towards the end of this exciting year, what are some goals you have going into 2023?

I’m working on a bigger body of work which I’m really really excited about!!!

You can see DROELOE this Saturday, October 15th at Sunbar in Tempe, AZ. Grab tickets here!

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