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RB Exclusive Interview: Gem & Tauri

Gem & Tauri, comprised of Courtney Simmons and Emma Montalvo have been on the rise since 2020 when they began weekly livestreams on Twitch. They released their first EP All You Need later that year and have continued to impress since. We had the chance to chat with Gem & Tauri ahead of their upcoming performance in Arizona. Check it out below!

Your single “Hear My Call” recently hit 1M streams on Spotify! Congrats! What does that milestone mean for you guys?

It’s surreal to see our song hit 1M streams! It feels really good that people like our music and it is really inspiring to create more and find more fun artists to collaborate with! We have some fun stuff in the works. 

You’ve been hinting at new music on the way. What can you tell us?

We have another Ophelia artist collaboration in the works that we are SO EXCITED about! We’re also working on a couple other really fun tracks, that we can’t wait to show everyone sneak peeks of on the tour! 

Nearly three years into the Gem & Tour project, what have you both learned, and what are you still hoping to accomplish?

We are learning production and songwriting which isn’t something I ever dove into very deep as we were both just DJs that loved to share music and dancing, but with the help & support we have from Jeff and a couple other amazing producers it gives us a space to bring our own sound to our sets as well. I am very excited to finally step into music full time and have the space to create more original music. 

You started as fans of dance music. How do you think that’s helped shape your career so far?

We both love dance music so much and it really helps when we are working on our sets. We can mentally put ourselves on the dance floor and work on flow and song selection in a way we would want to party to if we were in the crowd. Our sets are meant to take the listener on a journey 🙂   

You’ve played some massive festivals and stages in the past few years! What are a few that are still on the bucket list?  

We have played a lot of my bucket list already which is absolutely insane, it’s all happening so fast… The Gorge, Red Rocks, EDC Mainstage!! But Emma and I have always wanted to play CRSSD since that one has a special place in our hearts after our first festival vacation together in 2019. We would also love to play Coachella and Shambala! 

You’re about to start your winter tour run. What are you most looking forward to?

It’s exciting and nerve wrecking to be a headliner but we are sooo so honored to have the opportunity to build our brand and play some really fun sets for you and also to have the freedom to end the sets with whatever energy or genre we feel like 😉 

We’re excited to have you in Tempe next month! What should fans expect from your set?

A good ass time!!!!!!!! And some really fun funky tunes 😉 

You can catch Gem & Tauri THIS Saturday at Darkstar in Tempe. Grab tickets here!

Connect with Gem & Tauri: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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