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The Chainsmokers Accompany Mallrat on ‘Wish on an Eyelash Pt. 2’

Electronic duo The Chainsmokers excel at many things, with excellent song selection definitely being one of their Top 5. This past week the boys released their take on Mallrat’s track “Wish on an Eyelash”. The original track is a brief but beautiful 58 seconds and is the intro track for Mallrat’s debut album Butterfly Blue. Check out The Chainsmokers and Mallrat’s “Wish On an Eyelash, Pt. 2” below: 

Adding onto Mallrat’s already flawless foundation, The Chainsmokers take us on a heavenly journey with their “Wish on an Eyelash” revamp. The addition of Drew’s vocals besides Mallrat’s mesmerizing voice and lyrics make for a blissful dance party amongst the clouds. Listeners can feel a sense of hope and peace while the lyrics echo “I think angels surround you” and the lofi beat grows stronger. Keeping the original essence of Mallrat’s track was essential and helped to create yet another hit that fans will have stuck on replay.

Of the release Mallrat stated, “A few weeks ago, I was completely taken by surprise when I logged on to Twitter to see The Chainsmokers had remixed the song out of pure love for it—we had never met or talked! For something so big to happen organically like this is really special and really rare.

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