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RB Exclusive Interview: Tom & Collins

Tom & Collins are a house duo hailing from Mexico City with a distinct sound driven by Latin and Afro cultures. With a decade of experience, they always produce a great record and deliver a memorable experience. We had the opportunity to chat with Tom & Collins ahead of their upcoming performance. Check it out below!

You guys released “Tambores” last month. What was the inspiration behind this track?

We got that vocal from Colombian artists Enkele, Renate and Presi On and immediately fell in love with its latin anthem vibe… we had to give it an uplifting electronic spin! Inspiration was to represent the joyful Latin spirit. 

Tom & Collins was seen on a number of great lineups this past year including EDC Mexico and Orlando, Tomorrowland and Tomorrowland Winter! How was it performing at these massive festivals? 

It’s an honor and a big reward for all the work we’ve put into our project… these stages give us energy to keep doing what we do.

How are things going with the label and brand, Terms & Conditions? What is the vision for 2023? 

Things are going incredibly well, better than anticipated, we just launched a sister label called Hidden Jams because of all the good music we’ve been receiving.

And also the parties are getting bigger and more recognized, we just did one in tulum  and we’ll keep throwing  them around Mexico and internationally.

As you begin the second leg of your Glitch tour, what were some of the highlights from the first leg & what are you most looking forward to on these upcoming dates?

EDC Orlando was certainly a big one as well as Beyond Wonderland Mexico and  Countdown festival for  NYE. But every show has its unique magic… we also enjoy smaller venues a LOT!

We’re excited to have you in Tempe on January 21st! What should fans expect for your set?

Second time we’re in Tempe and we left the first one with a really nice impression of the crowd. You should expect a very fresh set mostly unreleased originals and also tracks from our label.

Being the start of a new year, can you give us three resolutions?

Get more sleep

Make more music

Make people dance even more

Huge thanks to Tom & Collins for speaking with us! Catch them at Darkstar on Saturday, January 21! Grab tickets here.

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