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Whethan Releases Long-Awaited Collab With Elly Duhé

The Whethan wait is finally over! After teasing fans for a few months, electronic DJ and producer Whethan has just shared one of his most anticipated singles of the new year, “Money On The Dash,” featuring vocalist Elly Duhé. Check it out below:

Always worth the wait, Whethan delivers superb production skills alongside the amazing Elly Duhé. Charging up listeners with some thrilling high energy, “Money On The Dash” gives us a Tokyo drift vibe that’s perfect for a late-night drive. Elly’s pristine synthesized vocals and Whethan’s addictive bouncy beat create a perfect blend of electronic and hyper-pop sounds. This single is definitely one that can end up on a film soundtrack and is already a certified banger!

Of the release Whethan shared –

“Making this song with Elly Duhé was very natural and we had a lot of fun. It’s a cool dance electronic mood that mixes old and new together in a hypnotic way. I’ve had it on loop since we’ve made it and I can’t wait to play it in the car.”

With Whethan back to making big waves in the dance music scene, we are so excited to see him on tour! Whethan will be performing at Sunbar in Tempe, Arizona on March 4th! Get more information about the show and grab your tickets here.

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