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The Top 10 Festival Hydration Packs and Rave Hydropacks

Maintaining proper hydration is an essential facet of the raver lifestyle. Arizona is no different. With many of our festivals and outdoor shows occurring in the heat of the Arizona sun, having a top festival hydration pack is omnipotent. 

As the peak festival season draws near, so does the onset of intense heat and potent UV radiation. Adding to the challenge is the reality of prolonged walking and dancing throughout the festival grounds, with alcohol consumption likely being a common occurrence.

Yet, few individuals realize that consuming alcohol can accelerate dehydration, making proper hydration an even more critical concern. To sustain the energy required for an entire week of revelry, a rave hydration pack is a must-have item for any serious raver. In fact, such a pack likely tops the list of essentials when packing for the weekend.

However, not all the best rave hydration packs are created equal. Some are more functional and innovative than others, with varying degrees of durability and features. Some even come equipped with anti-theft mechanisms or luminant products like LED wires or underglow, truly turning your hydration pack into a portable party.

So, how does one determine the ideal festival hydration pack for their specific needs? Without further ado, let us delve into our top 10 picks and get this party started.

The market for rave hydration packs is saturated with various options, each offering a unique set of features, such as multiple compartments, water bottle holders, smartphone holders, and a host of other possibilities.

It is essential to note that the capabilities of each pack are largely dependent on the features it possesses. Some packs offer limited carrying capacity, while others provide more extensive storage options, thus emphasizing the need for careful consideration when selecting a suitable pack for one’s needs.

1. The GenZ RaveRunner Anti-Theft Festival Hydration Pack

Product Features: 

  • – Anti-theft storage compartment
  • – Hidden pockets throughout
  • – Inverted zippers
  • – Athletic style chest pockets for phone, sunglasses
  • – Underglow to create a mobile dance floor
  • – Loops to thread EL wire
  • – A Velcro patch to attach a solar panel charger 

Product Description

This rave hydration pack is a highly durable and reliable option for ravers seeking a hydration pack that provides ample storage while also ensuring peace of mind with its inverted zipper feature. With the zipper being situated inwards, the pack offers a secure solution to prevent outside access. 

Additionally, the pack boasts multiple concealed pockets, including a hidden pocket on the main compartment panel for storing a wallet, a small pocket above the chest strap for storing cash or small items, and chest pockets on the shoulder straps, offering a secure location for storing items such as phones and sunglasses, protected from potential pickpockets. These features have been inspired by ultra-running hydration packs, indicating a well-thought-out design.

The pack also features the added benefit of the EL wire accessory that can be threaded through smaller loops on the backpack, creating a bright and visible path. Moreover, the GenZ hydration pack includes the option of attaching underglow to the pack, a feature previously seen in cars, offering a striking visual effect. The pack also includes a solar charger port and panels, providing a convenient and reliable source of power while on the go. 

Overall, the GenZ RaveRunner Anti-Theft Festival Hydration Pack is a top-notch option for those seeking a durable, reliable, and feature-packed hydration pack for their next rave.

Undoubtedly, this hydration pack stands out as the epitome of excellence in terms of festival hydration solutions.

Price: $82

2. The RaveRunner X/Rig Ultra Chest Pack 

Product Features:

  • – Smaller, lightweight, minimalist style
  • – 4 total pockets for phone, wallet, keys, vape, etc.
  • – 17oz soft flask liquid carrier
  • – Reflective logo on back 
  • – Snack compartment
  • – Front pocket storage option

Product Description:

The X/Rig Ultra by GenZ is an innovative and intriguing chest pack, striking the perfect balance between compactness and spaciousness. While it may appear small in size, it can hold an impressive 17 ounces of water, making it an ideal choice for prolonged hours spent at a rave.

Designed for those who prefer to travel light, the X/RIG chest pack by GenZ boasts a range of organizational features, including a keyholder, phone slot, and vape slot. Additionally, the pack allows for the convenient storage of snacks and a change of clothes, making it an ideal choice for short trips.

Moreover, the pack’s front-facing design ensures that essential items such as water bottles and phones are easily accessible, enhancing convenience and accessibility. The added benefit of having the phone strap in front provides an increased level of safety, a feature that further elevates the pack’s appeal. In summary, the RaveRunner X/Rig is a functional and practical chest pack that seamlessly blends convenience and innovation.

If your preference lies in a streamlined design and optimal carrying capacity, then this particular rave bag stands as the quintessential choice.

Price: $69.99

3. The GenZ RaveRunner Anti-Theft CLEAR Hydration Pack

In response to the growing number of festivals and concert venues requiring clear bags, GenZ has introduced the Clear camelback Backpack. This revolutionary product allows attendees to enter venues while carrying a clear hydration while also having anti-theft features that protects their belongings.

While some may question the safety implications of allowing others to see into their backpack, the Clear RaveRunner offers comprehensive protection against potential thieves. Its design is similar to that of the original RaveRunner Hydration Pack, with the only notable difference being the inability to attach custom skins due to the clear PVC material.

It is worth noting that this transparent material is not ripstop and may be vulnerable to slashing, making it important to exercise caution in crowded spaces. Nevertheless, the Clear Camelback Backpack offers unparalleled convenience and security for festival-goers, providing the perfect solution for those seeking a see-through hydration pack that meets venue requirements while still offering ample protection.

Product Features

  • – 2 liter bladder
  • – Small additional pocket
  • – Not bulky
  • – Passes all requirements for venues that require clear bags

The Reinos Simply Cute Rave Hydration Pack provides ample refreshment, delivering up to 2 liters of water to keep you hydrated throughout your adventures. While its compact design may suggest limited storage capacity, this hydration pack is sturdy enough to carry a small selection of clothing and other essentials.

This minimalist pack comes in a range of plain, yet eye-catching holographic colors, offering a stylish option for festival-goers seeking a simple and sleek design. It is important to note, however, that the Reinos Hydration Pack is not built to last and may not withstand prolonged and intensive use.

Overall, the Reinos Simply Cute Rave Hydration Pack is a convenient option for those seeking a lightweight and functional hydration pack, providing adequate hydration without the added bulk of larger packs.

Numerous festivals necessitate transparent bags, and this particular option not only meets that requirement but also boasts anti-theft features.

Price: $82

4. Two Liter Vibedration Rave Bag

Product Features

  • – Appealing look
  • – Big storage
  • – Allowed in most festivals

Product Description

Vibedration, a well-established brand in the rave gear industry, has been gradually losing its position as they fail to incorporate the latest features that are essential for raves. Although the pack offers a spacious interior with a secure flap to hold the hydration bladder in place, it lacks anti-theft measures, leaving the exterior pocket vulnerable to pickpockets.

Unfortunately, there has been no improvement in the quality and design of these bags since their initial release. While the Vibedration pack remains a dependable option in the realm of rave bags, there are other options on the market that surpass its capabilities, and we cannot recommend it as highly as some others on this list.

Price: $59.99

5. Single Pocket Hydration Camelbak

Product Features

  • – Single Pocket – minimalist
  • – 2L hydration bladder
  • – Low profile

The Rave Camelbak hydration pack offers a unique advantage with its provision of a single pocket. At times, certain music festivals may impose a limitation on the number of pockets permitted, and in such cases, the Rave Camelbak proves to be a valuable asset.

However, it is crucial to note that the Rave Camelbak is designed with minimalism in mind, featuring a simple color scheme and layout. As such, it lacks anti-theft features, meaning that additional storage options may be necessary for essentials such as keys, clothing, and phones.

Price: 49.99

6. Generic Amazon Rave Pack

Product Features

  • – Fast Shipping
  • – Doesn’t break the bank
  • – colorful

Product Description

The capacity of this hydration pack may suffice if you’re not an avid raver. Based on the reviews, the durability of this product seems questionable as it may give in easily, leading to a soaked backpack.

Nonetheless, this bag offers ample pockets that can be useful for extended hiking trips.

Price: $49

7. Camelback 3 Liter

Product Features

  • – Carries 3 liters
  • – Plenty of pockets
  • – Low profile
  • – Waist Belt

Product Description

The Camelbak Mule is a remarkable hydration pack that’s perfect for keeping your entire group hydrated during raves. With a generous water capacity of 3 liters, you can indulge in a small water party.

However, it’s worth noting that the Camelbak Mule may not be permitted at most festival events due to its larger size. But it makes for an impressive travel companion. You can store up to two full sweatshirts, a pack of food, water, and other small items.

Camelbak takes pride in its exceptional ergonomic design, featuring a ribbed pack panel that ensures proper airflow, keeping you cool at the base. The multiple pockets and inner zipper are ideal for storing various items. The extension to the shoulder strap further enhances the pack’s security.

The only downside is that the Camelbak Mule lacks an anti-theft feature, so you should store all your items inside the pack and in front.

Price: $130

8. Sojourner festival Hydration Pack

Product Features

  • – 2 liter bladder
  • – Water resistent
  • – Reflective material
  • – BPA free bladder

Product Description

Sojourner festival hydration pack may not have been recognized as it deserves, but it is certainly an innovative backpack option. It offers an excellent solution for individuals on a budget who desire a quality hydration backpack.

Not only is it perfect for rave events, but it is also suitable for various outdoor activities such as hiking, running, climbing, cycling, biking, and camping. The backpack has a capacity of 2 liters, providing ample water to sustain you through long journeys.

The back fabric is designed to provide maximum comfort while reducing pressure on your back. Additionally, the pack features a splash-proof design to prevent water from penetrating your belongings. With a convenient front zipper, your phone remains safe and easily accessible. Sojourner hydration pack is undoubtedly worth considering.

Price: $55

9. UniGear Festival Hydration Pack

Product Features

  • – Cheaper
  • – Still looks good
  • – 2 liter capacity

Product Description

The Unigear festival hydration pack is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable backpack that has some innovative features. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, running, climbing, cycling, biking, and camping.

The backpack can hold up to 2 liters of water, so you won’t have to worry about getting dehydrated on long trips. The fabric on the back is designed for comfort and to reduce pressure on your back. Plus, it’s splash-proof to keep your belongings dry.

The front zipper pocket is a great feature that keeps your phone safe and easily accessible. Overall, the Unigear is a fantastic low-budget hydration backpack that’s worth considering.

Price: $35

10. Rave Ape Bag

Product Description:

The Rave Ape hydration pack is a great low-budget option that should not be overlooked. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, running, cycling, and camping.

The pack has a 2-liter capacity that will keep you hydrated for the long haul. The back fabric is comfortable and reduces pressure on your back, while the splash-proof feature ensures that water won’t seep in.

Additionally, the front zipper pocket is a convenient and safe place to keep your phone within reach. All in all, the Rave Ape is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable hydration pack.

Price: $35

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