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RB Exclusive Interview: Amtrac

Amtrac’s affinity for venturing into the unknown is a defining point in his career. Also known as Caleb Cornett, his ability to seamlessly blend indie dance and deep house initially set him apart when he debuted in the underground scene in 2011. His ability to evoke a warm sense of nostalgia lies in his use of vintage synths, atmospheric textures, and emotive songwriting. Following his third studio album, Extra Time, Amtrac’s latest releases include a euphoric collaboration with Elderbrook, “I’ll Be Around,” and a hypnotizing remix of Bob Moses’ ballad “Back to You.”

We had a chance to speak to Amtrac ahead of his tour stop in Tempe. Check it out below:

Congratulations on the success of your third studio album! How do you feel now that Extra Time is out, and what’s the story behind having a beer made in honor of the album? 

Thank you so much, its a great feeling to finally release this body of work, so far it seems its received well. My lifelong friends opened a brewery in my hometown in Morehead Kentucky a few years back. I approached them with the idea and magic happened. It was such a blast, I have little to no knowledge when it comes to brewing beer, so it was a great learning experience as well, I loved helping with the whole process.

You’ve stated that you made this record to “cope with times of uncertainty.” How did lockdown impact your creative process? Where did you find inspiration to create new music?

I made the majority of the record locked inside during lockdown, it was my outlet for what I was feeling. One of the few things that kept me sane, my way of coping. In my opinion chaos brings on some of the best creativity.

In what ways would you say your sound has changed throughout your career? Are there any particular sounds you feel more drawn to right now?

I’m always experimenting with new equipment and ways to push the sound forward, never trying to limit myself. I think synthesizer pads will always be a strong element in my work.

What songs (or albums) do you have on repeat right now?

Bullion’s “We Had A Good Time” & Thomas Azier’s “The Inventory Of Our Desire.”

How do you balance the business of tour life? When you have extra time on tour, what do you find yourself doing?

Trying to eat healthy & working out really helps on the tour side but as for home life, I just mess around with synthesizers all day and probably play too many video games.

You’ve accomplished so much throughout your career, including launching your own record label! What’s on your bucket list for the future?

I’ve always wanted to score a film, thats pretty high up on my list.

We’re excited to welcome you back to Tempe for your tour! What should fans expect from your set?

A journey of sorts, something a bit different, perhaps thought provoking.

Buckle up! Amtrac is taking us on a journey on May 27th at Darkstar. Click here for tickets.

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