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5 EDC Tips for a First-Timer

One of the largest music festivals in the world, Insomniac Events’ Electric Daisy Carnival is right around the corner once again. This May, hundreds of thousands of EDM fans will descend on Las Vegas for the three-night event. While I will not claim to be an expert by any means, having attended the previous two years, here are things I wish I would have known prior to my first EDC. If this is your first time going, here are some tips and tricks to help you get through the weekend safely and with the best memories. 

  1. Wear comfortable shoes 

While it might ruin your perfect outfit, after three nights of standing on asphalt, your feet will thank you for choosing something sturdy. EDC is a long night of walking, standing, dancing, and moving. It would not be uncommon to walk upwards of 5+ miles in a night at EDC. Just walking from the parking lot into the festival can be quite long. You want to make sure that you are prepared with a sturdy pair of walking shoes so that you aren’t held back by sore feet.

  1. Bring a hydration pack or bag 

This is an all-night affair. There is music from 5:00 PM straight through until 5:30 AM, all three nights. You are not going to want to keep your wallet, phone, sunglasses, hat, chapstick, and any other small rave essentials in your hands. We also want to make sure you are taking care of yourself by drinking water, so a hydro pack is one item you can’t forget. If you don’t have a hydro pack, you are going to want to bring some sort of small bag. Just be aware of allowed bag sizes and other restrictions. You can see all restrictions HERE

  1. Have a driver or way home arranged BEFORE getting to the raceway 

There is upwards of 150,000 people who attend EDC each of the three nights. With potentially 150,000 people all trying to get into an Uber/Lyft at the same time and cell coverage being spotty at best, you are going to want to make sure that you have your way home arranged BEFORE getting to the raceway. If you want to stay until 5:30, there is a chance that you will have to wait for ride home regardless. You do not want to be stuck at the raceway after spending all night dancing. Be sure you have a responsible way to get home after a night of raving by arranging your ride or setting a designated driver before the night starts. 

  1. Set a meeting point 

Like previously mentioned, cell phone coverage is spotty at best. You can sometimes get coverage if you walk around the venue and get out of the crowd, but there is no guarantee that it works. That being said, arrange meeting points with your friends inside the festival before you arrive at the raceway. It is also very important to make sure that you set a meeting place and time for when your car wants to leave the venue. Be clear about expectations for time and location to meet up, that way if your group and friends get separated for any reason, you will be able to find them and ensure everyone gets home safely. No man left behind and the same goes at EDC. 

  1. Bring ear plugs 

Tinnitus is not a joke. There are massive speaker systems in place at EDC to help fill the raceway with sound. This being said, the speakers are LOUD. Very loud. If you want to continue enjoying these large festivals and even clubs in your hometown, we recommend always wearing ear protection when you are attending events. Be sure you have yourself a good pair of high-fidelity ear plugs so that you are protecting yourself from the harmful tones while not diminishing the audio quality. 

PS: all your favorite DJs are wearing ear plugs almost every time they perform. Why wouldn’t you want to listen to the music like the DJ intends?

  1. Have Fun 

Honorable mention here, EDC is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone who loves EDM and to party. One of the largest raves in the world, there is so much to do, explore, listen to, and so many people to meet. Have the absolute best time of your life, be safe, and look out for one another.

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