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Afterlife: The Story Behind the Floating Man

Afterlife. Just the word brings to mind images of heaven and serenity. If a secluded house show in the jungles of the Amazon sounds like heaven, Afterlife is for you. This project, founded by Italian duo Tale of Us, is a label and production company hosting some of the best events you can find, often in otherworldly environments. These magical secluded raves, which occur few and far between, are held in various locations around the world, such as Ibiza, Miami, Amsterdam, and London. Here is where you will be entranced with the floating man.

One staple at every Afterlife show is the floating man. One of the most identifiable symbols in house and techno music, the floating man, originated many years ago when the label was just an idea and has grown to encompass the whole brand. Tale of Us says the symbol was created to represent the idea of transcendence and the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. Matteo Milleri, one half of Tale of Us, has the same symbol tattooed on his arm and when asked about it, said “It’s basically the man that abandons himself to the infinite.”

This is the same kind of infinite transcendental experience that Tale of Us brings to each and every Afterlife curated event. Tale of Us has been able to integrate the floating man symbol into every piece of their label, including their visuals, physical statues, merch, and other artistic expressions. They have continued to grow the Afterlife brand and continue to throw the most majestic and insane curated events across the globe. Getting to attend an Afterlife event is a great opportunity and anyone lucky enough to attend one of their shows is sure to remember the floating man.

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