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ILLENIUM: The Official Album Breakdown

One of dance music’s most prominent producers, ILLENIUM, has just released his self-titled fifth studio album! ILLENIUM consists of 16 tracks with a diverse range of 13 featured artists, including Travis Barker, Avril Lavigne, Jxdn, All Time Low, Teddy Swims, and more. Showcasing his quintessential ability of genre-blending, ILLENIUM fuses together the sounds of pop, punk rock, and electronic dance music. Following his trilogy of Ashes, Awake, and Ascend plus his latest Grammy-nominated album, Fallen Embers, this fifth LP is ILLENIUM in his truest and purest form. Check out our official track-by-track album breakdown of ILLENIUM below: 

“Starfall” – ILLENIUM 

Starting us off is one of three very sentimental solo tracks, the lead cut “Starfall.” Giving us that much-needed arms-wide-open signature ILLENIUM vibe we all yearn for, “Starfall” is a cinematic masterpiece that is fueled by emotion. The melodic dubstep build-up leads us into an unexpected psytrance but epic drop.

“All That Really Matters” – ILLENIUM & Teddy Swims 

Singer-songwriter Teddy Swims’ smooth vocals echo the powerful message that we are all in this together and that love can help you overcome anything. “All That Really Matters” has the kind of lyricism that we can all relate to and find peace in. A captivating collaboration that is sure to cause some chills. 

“Worst Day” – ILLENIUM & MAX

Full of massive synth breakdowns and guitar riffs, “Worst Day” is an angsty banger that seamlessly blends future bass and pop. This track is MAX and ILLENIUM’s second collaboration following their previous hit “Beautiful Creatures.” Their theme stays consistent, telling a story of fighting through darkness and coming out stronger than ever before.

“From The Ashes” – ILLENIUM & Skylar Grey

A flawless transition following “Worst Day,” this collaboration features astounding vocalist Skylar Grey. “From The Ashes” was one of many long-awaited collabs to be released off the album, and it takes listeners on an emotive journey of peace and escape. 

“Lifeline” – ILLENIUM & jxdn

According to Forbes, “Lifeline” was one of the first tracks ILLENIUM started to write with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. Singer-songwriter jxdn’s pop-punk vocals and ILLENIUM’s drum-packed backdrop create the perfect combo for a knockout track.

“Eyes Wide Shut” – ILLENIUM, Avril Lavigne & Travis Barker

One of the most highly anticipated tracks to come off the album, “Eyes Wide Shut,” with Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker, is everything we hoped it’d be. Avril’s vocals are transcendental and pair perfectly with Travis Barker’s superb drum play, while ILLENIUM combines all three of their talents to create an absolute heavy-hitter. With Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker being not only most of ours, but ILLENIUM’s teenage idols too, this is definitely a collaboration of a lifetime.

“Shivering” ILLENIUM & Spiritbox

The first single to be released off the album, “Shivering,” is a melodic metal anthem with signature ILLENIUM dubstep drops. It’s an exhilarating collab that makes you want to scream and is the surprise crossover we didn’t know we needed.

“You Were Right” – ILLENIUM, Wooli & Grabbitz

Fans have waited years for this trio, and it was well worth it! This collaboration with Wooli and Grabbitz is unreal. Grabbitz’s angelic vocals glide fluently over the charming melody, followed by a star-studded drop, making for the perfect listening experience.

“Insanity” – ILLENIUM & American Teeth

This pop-punk anthem tells a story of self-sabotage. “Insanity” is a mesmerizing masterpiece with a future bass and rock production. This track brings back a nostalgic boy band-era feel while still providing a modern-day electronic twist. 


Reminding us that old and new ILLENIUM will both always be near, “Drwn” takes us back to Fallen Embers. The vocal sampling of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Drown” is done respectfully and curates a dreamy atmosphere of melodic bass. 

“Other Side” – ILLENIUM, Said The Sky & Vera Blue

One of my personal favorites off the album, ILLENIUM and Said The Sky can truly do no wrong, especially with the addition of the incredible Vera Blue. While ILLENIUM and Said The Sky can be seen as frequent collaborators, “Other Side” is slower than most of their collabs. The soaring synths and emotional melody pay a beautiful homage to ILLENIUM’s OG sound. 

“I Want You 2 (Stay)” – ILLENIUM

A style we have not heard a lot of recently, this solo track has vocal chops sampled from Rihanna’s “Stay” and an old-school ILLENIUM drop. “I Want You 2 (Stay)” is another flawless tribute to the OG ILLENIUM sound with the addition of some new instrumentals. 

“With All My Heart” – ILLENIUM & JVKE

One of seven chosen singles, this collaboration is otherworldly. This track collides the worlds of future bass and indie dance while still managing to tug on your heartstrings. 

“Back To You” – ILLENIUM & All Time Low

Top-notch production as usual. This is the kind of song that recharges your spirit. All Time Low and ILLENIUM put the emo in emotional on this one!

“Nothing Ever After” – ILLENIUM & Motionless In White

This collaboration with metalcore band Motionless In White is captivating, with a soothing melody behind Motionless’ mind-blowing vocals. Screams and trance synths—what more could an emo EDM kid want? Proves that ILLENIUM is not only insanely versatile but incredibly creative too.

“Luv Me A Little” ILLENIUM & Nina Nesbitt

The perfect outro. Closing out the album with soul-touching vocals from Nina Nesbitt, “Luv Me A Little” is a healing experience. Nostalgic elements take us on a journey of escapism and make for a masterful ending to a complete masterpiece. 

Creating emotion and connection through every track, ILLENIUM has a way of making all of his releases such a memorable experience. This album is a true testament to who ILLENIUM is in every aspect as both an artist and a human. ILLENIUM is full of deep meaning and is pure genius in every form. With wide-ranging appeal and cutting-edge production, it’s a vision created by a true visionary. 

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Source: Forbes

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