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LSDREAM Releases New Meditation Record, ‘LIGHTWORK’

In recent years, an upcoming genre of EDM that is designed to inspire has blossomed. Meditation and binaural beats are being incorporated into songs. LSDREAM is one artist on the forefront of this mission with several hits incorporating these funky beats. His recent release, “LIGHTWORK,” was created as a hybrid song and meditation with these elements. 

In partnership with his alias, LIGHTCODE, and Sarah Hudson, LSDREAM has released several guided meditations focusing on light healing and well-being. The 20-minute-long recordings will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace. 

See below for several other meditation guides from LSDREAM:

Known for the positive vibes and high vibrations in each and every one of his live sets, LSDREAM continues to rise into the spotlight. A staple on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN label, the producer has carved out his own niche within in the psychedelic bass scene, complete with the trippiest visuals and the wonkiest sounds.

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