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Nora En Pure Brings Her Oceanic Beats to Maya Dayclub

Nora En Pure returns to sunny Scottsdale this June as we continue our summer series of house all stars rotating through Maya Dayclub. Nora En Pure is a South African-Swiss DJ, producer, and pianist who is known for her unique blend of melodic and deep house music. Her music is characterized by deep bass lines and sounds from the ocean. This pool party is sure to transport you straight to the most relaxing ocean-side clubs across the globe. Fans of Nora En Pure might describe her music as soothing, calming, and immersive, much like how some people feel when standing by the ocean and listening to the sound of the waves.

Nora En Pure shows her appreciation for nature and the ocean not only through the use of the ocean in many of her music videos, but also in many other aspects of her Purified Records brand and conservation efforts. She has recorded many music videos/mixes by the ocean and has used recordings of ocean noises in some of her songs. Join us as Nora En Pure brings the entirety of Maya to the ocean with her melodic house beats. You can grab tickets here and stay tuned into Purified by Nora En Pure all summer for your melodic and deep house beats. 

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