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Odd Mob Reworks Indie Track ‘Trippin Up’ into a Groovy House Banger

We’re feeling a “little bit of love, a little bit of heart and a little bit of time” with Odd Mob’s remix of “Trippin Up” by The Jungle Giants. Changing up the cheerful indie pop track into an energetic upbeat house belter, Odd Mob reshaped the playful drums and groovy bass of the original song into a bubbly bouncing bass line with uplifting hi-hats, and added in a little melodic piano. Adding that energetic boost, his remix embodies the love and positive energy of the original track. With the release of the remix, The Jungle Giants said this about the track on their Instagram post:

“…It’s like a perfect date. Naughty, delicious, and a little bit dirtay…”

Coming from Brisbane, Australia, house DJ and producer Odd Mob continues to rise in popularity, thanks to hit tracks like “Left to Right,” “Lithium,” and “Strut,” gaining massive amounts of attention and putting him into the limelight. His music is filled with energy and his remix of “Trippin Up” shows the dynamic sounds of Odd Mob. The Jungle Giants, who also come from Brisbane, have topped Australian charts and have over half a billion worldwide streams. Them teaming up was the perfect match to create an iconic belter like “Trippin Up.”

Odd Mob is bringing his energetic house music to Darkstar here in Tempe, May 28th. Grab your tickets here.

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