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Cybernetic Symphony: Unleashing the Enigmatic Sounds of 1788-L’s Upcoming Show

1788-L, a rising star of the electronic dance music scene, is hitting Sunbar on August 5th as part of his Alpha+ Tour, and it’s a show not to be missed. Known for his dark and twisted soundscapes that fuse various genres like dubstep, riddim, and glitch hop, 1788-L’s show is set to be an unforgettable experience.

1788-L burst onto the scene and quickly made a name for himself in the electronic dance music realm in 2018. Collaborating with heavyweights such as Illenium, Rezz, and Deathpact, 1788-L has proven his ability to craft unique and captivating tracks that push boundaries. In addition to collabs, his solo songs are a fresh taste in a sometimes oversaturated bass world, resulting in a discography that leaves fans in awe.

1788-L’s sets are an auditory journey through the depths of his dark and twisted sonic landscapes. It’s an experience that engulfs you, immersing you in a sonic universe like no other. Check out his album SYNTHETIK below:

If you’re a true bass music enthusiast, this is a show you absolutely cannot miss. 1788-L’s Arizona performance promises an electrifying night, filled with nonstop dancing and pure excitement. The dance floor is calling, and it’s time for you to answer. Get your tickets here.

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