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Entering the ‘Realm Of The Damned’ with Marauda’s Two-Track EP

Entering the dark realms of insanity and pure chaos, the deathstep overlord, Marauda, has returned yet again with two filthy bass tracks. The recently released REALM OF THE DAMNED EP is bringing the infamous hollowed out metal bass cannon drops Marauda is known for. Consisting of two tracks, “REALM OF THE DAMNED” and “INSTRUMENT OF THE RAIDER,” the EP was released under Marauda’s own Malignant Music label.

Opening with “REALM OF THE DAMNED,” the fiery booming sounds of trumpets, alluring ticking sounds, and the gnarly guitars simply cannot prepare listeners for the hysteria awaiting. The absolute mayhem being thrown into the cavernous first drop of screeching bass and roaring wubs. But it isn’t over yet–the ominous build up to the pulsating bass and minimal thrashing drums of the second drop is quickly underway. “INSTRUMENT OF THE RAIDER” flips a sample of the lively “Pump up the Jam” into a low-to-the-floor distorted wobbling bass track. The second track of the EP has not two, but THREE different drops, each filthier than the last. Each drop breaks down into an intense electrifying blend of dubstep.

Marauda’s music is not for the weak; the best way to describe it is chaotic good. Don’t miss out on the calamity and go listen to the tracks of REALM OF THE DAMNED. Also check out all the heat and chaos Marauda is bringing down below.

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