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PhaseOne Is Ready To Make a Statement Through New Label

PhaseOne, musician and DJ from Australia, is a staple of the rocktronic and bass scene and has been releasing hit after hit for years. He has released his signature rock/dubstep fusion on labels such as Disciple Records and BTSM’s Kannibalen Records just to name a couple.  After three years of his annual megamix, Sounds of Mayhem, PhaseOne has announced that he will take the next steps in his musical journey by creating a record label. Consistent with PhaseOne’s intentions of creating a free space for people to let loose, Sounds of Mayhem will aim to bring high energy and mayhem to the dancefloor. 

“It never was a Phase…”, reads the home page of the new and exciting rocktronic label Sounds of Mayhem. For PhaseOne, this phrase couldn’t be more true today, as he announces the release of his new record label. With his new venture, he hopes he can help grow and develop rock/edm fusion known as rocktronic. While typically rocktronic focuses more on the electronic side, PhaseOne seems to have found the perfect unique mix by emphasizing more of the rock side. He will continue to promote new artists through the label and now has the freedom to explore new territory with this huge announcement. 

We are bringing PhaseOne out to Phoenix International Raceway for a b2b with FuntCase during Basstrack! This is going to be such crazy energy and will be a blast. You can find tickets and all other info HERE.

Connect with PhaseOne: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SpotifySoundCloud

Connect with Sounds of Mayhem: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud


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