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Jauz Unleashes ‘Rise of The Wise’ Album

Hailing from San Fransisco, California, DJ and producer Jauz has been at the forefront of electronic music since his single “Feel The Volume” debuted in 2014 and rocked the EDM community. Prior to his latest album, Rise of The Wise, was The Wise and The Wicked, released in 2018, with grooves such as “Babylon” and “Soldier” being the top hits. After taking a break from releasing singles and experimenting between sounds such as future house, bass house, and more—Jauz has just graced us with this eight-track Rise of The Wise album, which includes euphoric tracks such as “Lights Go Out” and “U Feel.” “Don’t Leave Me” offers melodic vocals plus immersive and hypnotic basslines that will heat up the dancefloor. “Crazy (3 AM Sound)” gives a high feel-good energy beat that makes you want to get out of your seat.

Jauz’s inspiration for this album stemmed from accidentally (but fortunately) discovering his ability to create deeper sounds and melodies while producing The Wise and The Wicked. According to Beat Portal, Jauz mentioned that the “sound” through the songs that he created allowed him to offer his vision through bass music and hopes that these new tracks help fans feel that throughout the album.

Join the wicked party and listen to Jauz’s new album, Rise of The Wise, which debuted on July 14th. We promise, there’s a vibe for everyone.

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