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John Summit Adds His Signature Touch to Iconic ‘I Remember’

All gold everything for John Summit this summer as he continues his domination of the house music scene. Every release and set from John Summit seem to get better and better, proving that everything he touches turns to gold. From the absolute hit single “Where You Are,” to his special guest set at EDC, John Summit seems unable to make a bad song or set and boy does his most recent remix drive this point home. Getting the nod from two of the most influential and iconic EDM artists of all time, Deadmau5 and Kaskade, John Summit’s remix of the quintessential “I Remember” is here to dominate the rest of the summer. 

John Summit has been pushing the limits of what house music means, as well as incorporating many different genres into his most recent live sets. This makes sense, as he continues to explore 3+ hour sets and has felt the need to switch up the BPM and tempo during his sets. This most recent exploration into new genres and sounds is exemplified perfectly with his release of “I Remember,” as he explores a darker, more techno-type beat and rhythm. Remixing this legendary song has also boosted John Summit into the stratosphere, as he continues to be recognized by the all-time greats. It is not every day that we get a new remix of a 15-year-old masterpiece, one of the truly genre-defining songs, “I Remember.” John Summit clearly has found a chord in the hearts of EDM fans everywhere as he continues to grow the John Summit brand and his Off the Grid Record label. Regardless of your taste in music, John Summit is making waves and he is not going away anytime soon, and for good reason.

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