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Anyma Releases ‘Syren’ Ahead of Debut Album, ‘Genesys’

Yes you read that right, Anyma’s debut album is almost upon us. August 11th is the day that music fans across the globe have been waiting for, some for years. Tale of Us member Anyma has burst onto the music scene with astonishing visuals and the most beautiful blend of techno, melodic house, and trance. If you have been scrolling through social media and seen the most mind blowing three-dimensional visuals, combined with melodic techno and fascinating lights, there is a good chance that it was Anyma. With some of the most stunning, high quality, and imaginative visuals in EDM, Anyma not only brings some of the greatest music you can find, it is an experience like none other.

Anyma has been releasing singles under his solo name for almost three years now. After securing some of the best time slots on the best stages in the world, it is clear that his debut album, Genesys, is sure to get international attention. 

In preparation for this massive release, Anyma has released a slew of singles over the past six months, most recently “Syren.” Premiering this song at festivals such as Tomorrowland and his own Tale of Us shows, Anyma has announced that his debut album is coming this Friday, August 11th. With this final release, he is ready to unleash his melodic techno mastery on the world. This is one album you’ll have on repeat for the rest of the year.

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