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Apashe & Flux Pavilion Collide in Electrifying New Release, ‘Fracture’

Apashe and Flux Pavilion, both known for their groundbreaking contributions to the bass music scene, have teamed up to unleash their latest release, ‘Fracture.’ With a captivating blend of dubstep, trap, and bass-heavy beats, this track is poised to take the world by storm.

‘Fracture’ is not just about bass drops and electrifying beats; it carries emotional depth in its lyrics. The song explores themes of personal struggles, inner strength, and resilience. Its vocals convey a sense of empowerment, urging listeners to rise above their own fractures and find strength in adversity.

Take a listen to the powerful collaboration below:

You can see Apashe live in Tucson on October 10th and again in Phoenix on October 14th.

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