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Basstrack is Less Than a Month Away! Who’s Bringing New Music?

Headbangers we are less than one month away from what could be one of the biggest dubstep events in AZ history. In preparation for Basstrack, we wanted to take a look at some of the artists on the lineup who have been releasing brand new music. Here is a list of some of the new music that has been released recently. These are sure to make it into your headbanger or gym playlist as all of these great artists bring unique styles but the same intense energy. 

  1. PhaseOneBeyond Oblivion EP

PhaseOne is on a path to dubstep domination. From announcing and starting his own record label, SOUNDS OF MAYHEM, to releasing a brand new three-track EP on that label, he is not slowing down or stopping anytime soon. PhaseOne, Australian rocktronic and dubstep producer, is one of the leading artists when it comes to the fusion of rock, metal, dubstep, and electronic music. He has a unique style and sound that is appealing to fans of both metal heads and headbangers alike. Beyond Oblivion EP is a fantastic example of how PhaseOne is able to collaborate with artists and create high energy in every one of his tracks. 

Connect with PhaseOne: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SpotifySoundCloud

  1. Emorfik – “SHEEESH – Emorfik Remix” 

One of the brightest young stars brought for Basstrack, Emorfik has burst onto the scene in the past year. We could not be more excited about being able to bring you this amazing young star who is sure to continue to grow in the riddim scene. From bedroom DJ to producer, Emorfik is sure to continue to bring the high knees energy that is so popular in the riddim crowd. This insane remix of Riot Ten and Bandlez’s “SHEEESH” demonstrates that Emorfik is well on his way to being one of the biggest in the game.  

Connect with Emorfik: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SpotifySoundCloud

  1. Ray Volpe – “EAT SLEEP RAGE” 

From the man who brought you “Laserbeam,” one of the latest EDM releases of 2022, Ray Volpe has returned from the studio with one of the best headbanger anthems ever made. With the signature line of “Eat Sleep Rage” Ray Volpe has produced an amazing track that is sure to get your head banging. With multiple drops that continue to become more and more crazy, “EAT SLEEP RAGE” is what we have on repeat in the weeks up to Basstrack. Be sure you don’t miss this banger in preparation for joining us at the raceway. 

Connect with Ray Volpe: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SpotifySoundCloud

  1. Drinkurwater – “Fire To The Roof” 

One of the most outstanding young talents we are bringing to the raceway has got to be Drinkurwater. New Valley local, he is here to show us what real dubstep is all about. This newest release from Drinkurwater, released by BTSM’s Kannibalen records, showcases the amazing range and creativity of one of the best young talents in the industry. Drinkurwater has released a variety of individual singles on some of the industry’s biggest labels such as Subsidia and Wakaan, demonstrating his ability to produce at a high level. Be sure to come early to catch out amazing opening talent as Drinkurwater goes b2b with our next releasing artist, Hairitage! 

Connect with Drinkurwater: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SpotifySoundCloud

  1. Hairitage – “Mindstate”  

Another Kannibalen records release, Hairitage has just dropped some new music with BTSM and it is an absolute banger. This BTSM and Hairitage staple has been played out for a few months by both of these artists to great response. “Mindstate” brings intense lyrics combined with the classic Kannibalen rocktronic/dubstep fusion that the record label is known for. You’re not going to want to miss this intense b2b with Hairitage and Drinkurwater. 

Connect with Hairitage: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | SoundCloud

  1. RZRKT – “Damage”

“Damage,” a recent release from RZRKT, is already doing damage across the country. Released just this past week, RZRKT has been playing with this turn for a while and we could not be more excited that it is finally here. Another one of our amazing b2b’s on the lineup for Basstrack, RZRKT is going to be throwing down with fellow Subsidia artist Kliptic. We have got some of the most high energy and insane artists opening for one of the all time legends in Excision. Come out early to help us get warmed up as we prepare for a second night of madness. 

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