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Don’t Let the Night End ABQ with Official After Party

We’re not finished with you just yet ABQ. If you love Svdden Death and want to keep the night going, join us for the official after party. We are excited to be able to bring VAMPA back to the stage. VAMPA is one of the many amazing artists coming from the midwest. VAMPA has changed the dubstep and bass scene in Chicago before expanding across the country. We knew that one set would not be enough and are excited to be able to close out the night with some bass. With a wide range, VAMPA is able to bring amazing energy with dubstep and riddim as well as impress with her experimental bass and deeper sound. We are excited to see how she is able to switch it up during the official Svdden Death after party.

It is not every day that Svdden Death makes his way to Albuquerque. Make the night last with tickets to the after party. Don’t mess with ubering to an apartment or house just to have some TV speakers for an after. Stay with us and party the night away. VAMPA is sure to bring the best energy all night. You can grab tickets for the Svdden Death show here and for the VAMPA after party HERE!

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