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Five Up & Coming Basstrack Artists You Cannot Miss

One of the biggest dubstep events we have ever thrown, Basstrack is sure to be huge with high energy and insane bass. We are excited to bring Excision and his Excision presents team back to AZ for another two-night event packed full of some of the best and brightest talents in the industry. We wanted to highlight a few of the artists who will be opening for Excision this September, as headbangers take over the raceway. 

  1. Yookie 

One of the first opening acts we are excited to bring to you is Yookie. The pair have been bringing their signature sound to stages for years now. One of the biggest releases of 2022, their “Iron Man” flip has taken the world by country by storm. Being able to refresh old tunes is one of Yookie’s specialties, remixing old classics as well as some of the biggest tunes of the past five years. Their “Do It To It” remix has been played out by Excision over the course of the past year, proving that they are able to take popular tunes and add their own twist capable of fitting into the most exclusive sets. 

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  1. Vastive

No matter whether he is mixing heavy hardcore dubstep or the more rhythmic tunes of drum & bass, Vastive is a stand-out when it comes to creativity and innovation within his sets. Releasing tunes in Excision’s Lost Lands 2022 mix, Vastive has emerged onto the scene in a big way over the past two years. From collaborating with some of the biggest names such as Sullivan King and Kayzo, Vastive is merging rock, dubstep, and drum & bass in ways unheard. Be sure to come out early to catch this amazing opener. 

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  1. Layz

Known as one of the best and brightest females in dubstep, Layz is hardly an up and coming artist at this point. With huge releases on labels such as Space Yacht and Disciple, Layz has been on her tour of domination for over a year. Continuing to get bookings week after week after the conclusion of her Eye of the Storm Tour, we are excited we are able to secure her for another great set in AZ. Layz brings some of the heaviest dubstep and drops to the stage as well as energy that is bound to get you fired up. Don’t miss this high energy set as we prepare for Excision’s first night set. 

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  1. Muerte 

One of the lesser known artists that we get to bring to the Valley, Muerte, brings some of the most unique and heavy drops of anyone on the Basstrack lineup. From the wonkiest riddim to some of the most nasty dubstep, Muerte is truly one of the most innovative and prolific opening acts on the lineup. Muerte will be going b2b with Emorfik, another one of our extremely impressive young artists. These two are going to bring the wonky high-knees energy that every true riddim fan has grown to love. Be sure to come out early as these two are going to absolutely throw down.

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  1. Kliptic 

Last but definitely not least, Kliptic is here to make a statement. Another one of the fantastic b2b performances we are bringing, Kliptic, is going b2b with RZRKT. Both of these two Subsidia artists have had songs in Excision’s two-hour Lost Lands sets, proving their ability to create some of the most unique and heavy hitting dubstep out. Kliptic has been releasing and touring as part of Excision’s country-wide combination since 2020. With some great singles and consistent releases on Subsidia’s Dusk, Dawn, and Night album series, Kliptic is sure to start the night out bright with one of the highest energy b2b’s you have seen. 

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These are just a few of the best and brightest up and coming acts that we have the opportunity to host at this year’s Basstrack. Join us all night as we headbang and rage the night away. Be sure to grab your tickets while they last! September 2nd and 3rd will be here before you know it!

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