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Grabbitz Gives Us Butterflies With Latest Album

New York-based DJ, producer, and musician Grabbitz is known for his unique blend of rock and electronic music. While on a recent three-day retreat in San Diego, he put together his most recent solo project, Let Them Only See Butterflies, an eight-track model for experimentation and creation. The highly anticipated Let Them Only See Butterflies is out now via Monstercat.

Prior to the album’s debut, singles “Hero” and “Let It Bloom” were released, and they established the rock-tronic tenor for the remainder of the collection. The album highlights the reinvention of Grabbitz’s unconventional artistic vision with compelling dance music production skills, strong vocals, and excellent instrumentation with elements of alternative rock. Each song flows into the next, making the album a seamless listening experience.

Of the release, Grabbitz shared:

“This album embodies a few things: becoming what you were meant to be, dealing with pain along the way, and embracing the ride. I’ve been blessed to have accomplished some of the things I have in my career thus far, and I can’t help but to feel this burning momentum coursing through my veins everyday.”

Grabbitz is a multi-instrumentalist who incorporates organic aspects into his music production. Witness the magic of Grabbitz this October 14th at Darkstar in Tempe, Arizona. Grabbitz your tickets here.

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