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‘It’s Not a Phase’ Says Space Mom

That’s right space mom fans, it is not a phase and we are not getting over it! Affectionately known as ‘space mom,’ Rezz has officially dropped her goth girl EP, It’s Not A Phase. One of the greatest and most influential bass artists of her generation, Rezz has dominated the mid-tempo bass scene ever since her first releases on mau5trap records. 

Since then, Rezz has kept fans interested and entertained through many releases over the years. In attempting to create something uniquely Rezz, she has been able to incorporate the spooky elements of horror and Halloween into her special “Nightmare on Rezz Street” sets, which only come around every October. In addition to the darker horror themed sets, Rezz has been collaborating more frequently with some of her friends and other musicians to create another unique style, goth Rezz. 

Not quite abandoning her horror roots, Rezz has been moving into a different direction as her most recent EP, It’s Not a Phase, includes many more vocal elements than long-time fans are accustomed to. As part of her self-proclaimed “goth” project continues to take shape, she wanted to incorporate more emotional and melodic vocals into her songs. This EP ended up being exactly what she was looking for, as every one of the songs on this release is a collaboration with another vocalist or musician. Each of these tunes is written to connect to the goth side living inside each and every one of us. Tune in to your inner goth and take a trip through this EP out today! 

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