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Leotrix Cooks Up Experimental Beats on New ‘RETRO GRADE’ EP

Wobbling bass and retro electronic beats, Leotrix is creating a new path for riddim with his futuristic experimental beats. His five-track EP released under Cyclops Records, is expanding musical barriers and revolutionizing riddim. The EP dissects the classic choppy rhythms and heavy bass of riddim with Leotrix’s cutting edge sci-fi production. The release of Leotrix’s new EP is partnered with his headlining RETRO GRADE North American tour, which is about to kick off.

Leotrix blends modern and alternative electronic beats in RETRO GRADE. Each track has a unique cyber twist and deep vibrating basslines. Leotrix layers echoing volts, electrifying blasts, shaking hi-tech womps and pulsating dark bass into the tracks of RETRO GRADE. In addition, Leotrix takes a different route on his track “Retro Grade,” which chills things down with some jungle, having bubbly breakbeats and winding calming melodies. Leotrix is advancing the genre and trailblazing an innovative path for fresh and new sound production.

Leotrix will be bringing his avant-garde music live to Sunbar here in Tempe, August 26th. Transport straight into an arcade game and feel the rippling bass of RETRO GRADE. You can get more information or purchase tickets here.

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