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RB Exclusive Interview: Stavroz

Hailing all the way from Europe, Stavroz kicks off their Kick Up The Dust Tour at the Crescent Ballroom on September 1st. Always breaking boundaries in the electronic scene, Stavroz is bringing the full band experience to Phoenix, which will be a perfect vibe leading into September. Self-described as “delicately acoustic, organic, and cinematic,” Stavroz constantly carves their own path with their hybrid approach to music, combining live elements with electronic elements that create a calm yet addicting atmosphere, gracing huge stages across the world.

Stavroz had a busy summer festival season, performing all over Europe, including Amsterdam and Ibiza. With a North American Tour about to kick off, they have been busy creating new music and an incredible experience for us to be amazed by. Digging into their roots, this summer was the first time they have performed a DJ set in years, showcasing that Stavroz’s ingenuity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Even though they have been performing for crowds for over a decade, Stavroz is still just scratching the surface, and we are excited to see what their future holds.

We had a chance to chat with Stavroz ahead of their North American tour, discussing their inspirations, what they listen to on a daily basis, what to expect on this new tour, and much more. Check it out below!

Stavroz has always been know for breaking boundaries in the electronic scene.  Where does the group draw their inspiration from?

Other artists we listen to, stuff that happens on tour, and also from our own shows, sometimes jams and interaction with the crowd could lead to cool pieces of music.

I am curious to hear about the growth of the group.  When did the group know that they had something special, and that they would make it “big”?

Fusion 2014, since that show we all felt ‘oke this is something else’. Something we can enjoy for a long time.

The group has played so many big festivals – any particular standout moments or sets that the group will never forget?

Fusion 2014 and all other fusion festivals we played. Other highlights were strawberry fields (Melbourne), Ghent Jazz and Brunch Barcelona.

I think having a record label is always impressive.  What has been the most rewarding part of “Moodfamily”?

The fact that we can decide our own planning and have no one interfere with our taste in music. It gives us total freedom.

What is something the group is proud of that you never really get to brag about?

We are superproud that we are the band we are today. We can make a living of making/playing music that we love.

What music do you listen to on a daily basis?

Anything from Kevin Morby to James Holden.

 What can fans expect on the Kick Up The Dust Tour?

Good music, good vibes and a dusty cloud of new tunes.  Last time we played in phoenix we noticed people here like to party and are a great audience. We’ll play some new and old songs. Lets stavroz it up.

Stavroz at Crescent Ballroom will be a night to not be missed—get your tickets here!

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