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SHEEESH ‘Check This’ Leotrix Remix off Riot Ten’s Remixes EP

Chopping up the trap beats of Riot Ten’s track “Check This” (W/ Kuhlosul) Leotrix adds his fresh and experimental riddim sounds to the track. Coming off Riot Ten’s SHEEESH (The Remixes) EP, Leotrix flips the track into a wobbling bass heavy banger. Journey through the swinging choppy beats and booming bass of Leotrix’s “Check This” (with Kuhlosul) Remix.

Leotrix maintains the original high energy of the original trap music of  “Check This” but blends in some filthy beats of the underground. The ominous build into roaring womps, robotic wubz, and the turbulent kicks and flips make for a powerful vibey track. Leotrix’s remix is one of the many bass heavy remixes from SHEEESH (The Remixes). The remixes in the EP feature tracks from an array of genres and from dubstep artists who have been killing it in the scene. You can hear remixes from other artists like OG Nixin, Emorfik, Decimate and many more.

Leotrix is currently on his RETROGRADE tour and will be bringing his heavy futuristic dubstep tracks to Sunbar here in Tempe, August 26th. Warm up those high knees and prepare yourself for a night of bass. You can get more information and purchase tickets here. Riot Ten will be making his way to Goldrush: Sonoran Skies this October at the Phoenix Raceway. Get more information and purchase tickets here!

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