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A Journey Through GRiZ’s Musical Evolution – ‘Ride Waves’

GRiZ’s last curated festival before his indefinite hiatus, Ursa Major, will be held in Flagstaff from September 22nd to 24th. As my all-time favorite artist, I wanted to write a series of articles highlighting GRiZ’s albums and his remarkable musical journey. His unwavering commitment to love and inclusivity shines brightly even in the darkest times, and his ascent up the festival ladder has been nothing short of meteoric. GRiZ captivates audiences with his unparalleled live show, featuring live instruments and vocals that add a unique dimension to his performances. His shows blend funk, bass, and house, which is evident in the diversity of his music throughout the years. In this article, I am thrilled to explore his album Ride Waves.

GRiZ’s sixth album, Ride Waves, is an incredible masterpiece that truly showcases his ability to seamlessly blend electronic art with live instruments. Unlike his previous albums, Ride Waves features a less bass-heavy sound, offering some of the most emotionally charged songs in GRiZ’s discography alongside brilliant instrument-dominated moments. Released in 2019, the album has yet to be the focal point of a tour (he has not toured at all since its release), but its songs remain some of GRiZ’s best works.

Kicking off the album strong, “Can’t Get Enough” introduces the signature bass-heavy funk sound in the drop, featuring GRiZ’s own voice as the vocals; it marks the first song where GRiZ showcases his own vocal talents. Carrying on with powerful vocals, “I’m Good” and “My Friend’s and I Pt 2” keep the momentum going with their infectious beats that get listeners moving and grooving. The inclusion of Snoop Dogg on “My Friends and I Pt 2” is a testament to GRiZ’s well-respected status in his career at this point.

“Cruise Control,” one of my favorites on the album, is an incredible funk song with BXRBER leading the way with outstanding vocals. “A New Day,” “The Prayer,” and “It Gets Better” are slightly slower songs with uplifting messages that evoke positive feelings in the listener. These tracks beautifully showcase GRiZ’s ability to deliver powerful music that goes beyond the typical “party” vibe, making them some of the album’s best.

Picking up the tempo, “Bustin’ Out” and “Caught Up” will get crowds dancing and were once staples in GRiZ’s live sets. However, “Maybe,” another one of my personal favorites on the album, is an emotional masterpiece. Starting with beautiful chords, Yoshi Flower’s captivating voice dominates the song, with the chord structure from the beginning continuing throughout with keys and horns. By the time the saxophone joins in, the story is already written – “Maybe” is one of GRiZ’s best songs (in my opinion), and one of my all-time favorites.

“The Escape” and “Mercy” increase the tempo again and are both produced incredibly well. “The Escape” features the classic funk dub that GRiZ is known and loved for, while “Mercy” incorporates chopped vocals for an innovative drop, showcasing GRiZ as one of the most creative artists in the scene.

The album concludes emotionally, but in very different ways with the last two songs. “Barrel of a Gun” demonstrates that GRiZ has some of the best buildups in the entire scene. Leo Napier sets up the final buildup perfectly, with a brief moment of silence before the bass rumbles around the listener, surrounding them with an ever-increasing sound of bass, seemingly being manipulated live, culminating in a classic funk dub drop that takes your emotions on a beautiful journey. The last song, “Find My Own Way,” also delivers a powerful emotional impact with strong vocals from Wiz Khalifa, conveying a beautiful message of self-empowerment and the reassurance that you will be okay at the end of the day.

GRiZ will be missed. Make sure to check him out before his indefinite hiatus. Tickets are sold out, but more info about Ursa Major can be found here!

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