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Introducing Rave Camp: Arizona’s Newest Musical Festival Store

Rave Camp is the newest music festival store in Tempe, Arizona that has arrived to serve the rave scene and community with a mission that is beyond providing the trendiest outfits, apparel, and accessories to ravers of all kinds. Their unique vision in being a community empowerment center features harm reduction accessibility and workshops, creative collaboration and design opportunities, and celebration of local artists and the community itself.

Rave Camp’s values are truly rooted in PLURR – peace, love, unity, respect, and responsibility. Walking into their store, you’ll see colorful rave/festival attire from the trendiest brands, free kandi and perler stations, a harm reduction station, and a DJ station. Their aim is to serve everyone in the community, including women, men, lgbtq+, and inclusive sizing (xxs-plus), with affordable and accessible prices so everyone feels empowered to express themselves and feel confident in celebrating their style at music events. They offer free alterations on any purchase, free styling appointments, and appointments for festival hair and makeup from local artists. Their selection of pashminas, flow toys, and various accessories are uniquely chosen, especially giving their store a platform for local artists and designers to sell their collections within the retail space. Their mission is to provide a creative center as an uplifting platform for the community.

Aside from selling trendy fits and accessories from popular brands, their goal is to uplift local artists and create a smaller environmental footprint than offering just commercialized brands. Their creative collaboration vision is unique in that they offer custom outfit creation opportunities, where anyone can bring their vision to life in-house, and even produce their own line to commission from. They truly serve opportunities for individual creativity to shine, offering local artists to host design and art classes, sell their art in store, from all categories – kandi/perler making, handcrafted paintings, jewelry and more.
Their commitment to community empowerment offers various workshops in order to keep the community educated and grants accessibility in harm reduction. They’ve partnered with various local charity organizations like Giving Back AZ, hosting events to enable beyond just the music community to thrive. Rave Camp provides opportunities for celebration in who we are as a community, through hosting events for free weekly. They have open decks weekly, so anyone can come in and practice on a professional deck, mixing to express their style and get a professional feel for performing. They host various flow-toy meetups and shuffle meetups, as well as lessons for flow toys and shuffling to empower the community.

Rave Camp provides all of these services through the power of local artists, businesses, and rave community members, including YOU! Their values are rooted in bringing accessible opportunities for collaboration for everyone who wants to see the rave community thrive in harm reduction, creative platforms, empowerment, and celebration of who we are as a community. Visit them at 1829 North Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283. Check out their website at and follow them on Instagram Feel free to DM for collaboration opportunities.

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