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LYNY Gets Personal On ‘The Familiar’ EP

Artists who consistently push the boundaries of music and continue to share creative and unforgettable experiences are the reason that the EDM scene is endlessly evolving. Chicago-based DJ and producer LYNY is one of the many artists who persistently experiment with genre-defying techniques and have the ability to form true connections through their music. The Familiar, LYNY’s latest offering, exhibits a more tranquil aspect of his distinctive sound. The EP is out now via Of The Trees’ Memory Palace imprint. 

LYNY has gained a major rise over the past few years leading him to become a powerful force in the field of electronic music. He first gained popularity with a number of trap bangers, like his singles “Dash,” “Face,” and of course, “Noxious.” LYNY has since been modifying his dark and wonky sound. His brand-new three-track EP, The Familiar, demonstrates how broad his versatility is. Each track takes you through a sonic healing experience where LYNY experiments with a melodic sound that is more relaxed.

Starting off the EP is “Cat Tale,” a melancholic deep house tune that tells the tale of remembering a cherished family kitty. Most of us may connect to this song while thinking back on a loved one. The next song “Attach,” has a lively R&B aspect that builds tension before letting it go with a drop full of heart-tugging synths. Closing out the EP is a track full of hi-hats, echoes, rhythmic switch-ups, and gratitude titled, “Home.”

Of the release, LYNY shared:

“The Familiar is a three-track story based on a few important occurrences that shaped and still shape my current life. It essentially serves as a reminder of what I’ve learned from growing up: specifically navigating a new career, moving out, relationships, and mortality.”

LYNY will be joining LSDREAM and Zingara for the Radical Audio Visual Experience tour this October 28th at Mesa Amphitheatre in Mesa, Arizona. This lineup is ideal to witness some aura-purifying magic and lots of wonk. Get more information and grab your tickets here

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