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San Holo’s ‘Light’ Illuminates Kapolei: A Night of Music & Positivity

San Holo will shine “light” on Kapolei, Honolulu, on November 18th at Wet’n’Wild! A portion of each ticket for this show will be donated to the Maui Strong Fund, and it’s incredibly fitting that San Holo, an artist known for promoting love and positivity, is headlining. San Holo is currently on his Existential Dance Music Tour, swiftly building momentum from where he left off. While this show takes place during the two-month intermission of his tour, expect a wealth of new music, live elements, and mind-blowing soundscapes that will uplift your spirits.

San Holo has been a driving force in instrumental and melodic music since 2014, with hit songs to attest to it. Who hasn’t heard his tracks “Light” or “We Rise”? With a combined 285 million plays from just these songs, San Holo has become a household name for electronic enthusiasts of uplifting electronic dance music. Ever the innovator, San Holo’s latest endeavor is his upcoming album, Existential Dance Music. A playful nod to the abbreviation EDM, this album delves into the themes of light and the interconnectedness between ourselves and the world around us. In San Holo’s words, this album is about “finding peace in all the chaos – the lows, the highs, the hellos, the goodbyes.” Fans can anticipate the usual uplifting beats, but with a fresh twist while remaining true to his roots.

This show promises to be one for the books, especially since it supports a great cause. San Holo continues to climb the EDM ranks, and with his forthcoming unreleased album, this performance will be brimming with new moments and tunes, all while delivering the same euphoric feelings. Secure your tickets here!

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