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Bass Heads Rejoice: Zeds Dead’s Top 5 Songs for Your Playlist

Zeds Dead have been at the forefront of bass music for over a decade, and they show no signs of slowing down. From headlining Red Rocks annually for nearly a decade, playing multiple sold-out venues in the same day, and consistently headlining festival after festival, Zeds Dead have truly left their mark on the bass world. I wanted to share five Zeds Dead songs throughout their timeline that are absolute heaters. I hope you enjoy!

“Rude Boy” by Zeds Dead, Omar LinX

“Rude Boy” put Zeds Dead on the map. This song is gnarly, exploring the deeper ranges of bass music. Omar LinX does an incredible job carrying the dubstep with his incredible voice, rapping a story over the growls and bass. This song is deep, catchy, and will get you moving. It is perfect for bass lovers running errands, as the bass will take you back to a bass rave.

“Ruckus the Jam” by Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead don’t just produce dubstep; early on, they showed their production mastery with “Ruckus the Jam.” A bass house song, this tune will get any crowd jumping with joy. What is incredible about this song is that Zeds Dead take elements of old-school dubstep and incorporate them in the drop. The drop, with its elongated sounds and pitch blending, will take your mind and spin it in a circle, in the best possible way. If you like bass house, this song is for you!

“Hadouken (VIP)” by Zeds Dead

If you were fortunate enough to hear Zeds Dead play this live, I wonder if you still have back pain from the inevitable headbanging. This song goes hard. Period. “Hadouken” was already a banger, and the VIP (a variation in production, essentially a remix of their own song) provides a massive wall of bass during the drop. In the drop, the bass melody carries throughout, escalating within the melody and taking any listener on a ride. If you like old-school dubstep, this song is for you.

“GodLovesUgly – Zeds Dead & Subtronics Remix” by Atmosphere, Zeds Dead, Subtronics

This song is a journey and truly showcases the production skills of both Subtronics and Zeds Dead. With an infectious melody, the song quickly builds up, and the drop is monstrous. You can quickly tell that Subtronics and Zeds Dead put a ton of effort into merging their styles. In the second half of the drop, the Subtronics signature high-pitched sound comes in to counter the melody, which is a great touch. The second drop introduces the high-pitched sound early, and it carries the drop. Overall, this song is on many people’s all-time list. If you like high-pitched bass music, this is for you.

“Ecstasy of Soul” by Zeds Dead, GRiZ

This song doesn’t need an introduction. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, this song absolutely tears through a crowd. With the iconic Ecstasy of Gold melody and vocals, this song brings back memories of Western cowboy television and movies. Building up rapidly, you will hear the now-iconic “Griz Yah Zeds Dead,” and the drop absolutely slams into the crowd with a combination of heavy bass and beautiful, quick arpeggios accenting the bass. Not to be outdone, the second drop somehow comes in even stronger, with the depth of the bass truly being felt. If you like dubstep, this song is for you.

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