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Eli & Fur Release ‘You’re So High (10 Years On)’ Relaunching NYX Music

Legendary dance music duo Eli & Fur have just released an addictive remake of their iconic record “You’re So High (10 Years On).” Celebrating a decade within the industry, the pair are celebrating this massive milestone with the release which also marks the relaunch of their very own record label, NYX Music.

While maintaining the original’s mesmerizing melody and embracing a more melodic, techno-infused mood, “You’re So High (10 Years On)” pays homage while bringing it into a modern soundscape. The release serves as the official kickoff for NYX Music. The label, which was initially created as a platform for their own releases, will take on a new focus as it explores the two genres the duo enjoys: dancefloor and the more introspective side of electronic music. 

On the single, Eli & Fur shared:

“We wrote ‘You’re So High’ together 10 years ago. It was at the very beginning of our career and it came purely from the heart. We wanted to create something infectious and emotional — featuring our own vocals — that would also be a moment on the dance floor, something we still strive to do today. The original will always be the original, but we loved reworking the song that started it all and breathing fresh life into it. — As a duo, we have been on such a journey, navigating highs, lows and all of the incredible moments in between. It’s with passion and gratitude that we continue to love doing what we do: making music and playing it to people all over the world.”

Eli & Fur have achieved success all around the world thanks to their unrelenting love for producing, composing, and performing as well as their gift for writing moody, expressive dance songs. Their musical style combines evocative vocals, cascading synths, and rolling basslines to create a vibe that is both mysterious and enigmatic. The result is a potent combination that is both entrancing and irresistible.

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