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Hamdi Throws Down Mind-Melting Beats on Newly Released ‘Counting’ EP

Mixing together mind-boggling tracks on his Counting EP, Hamdi is back at it again with yet another legendary release. Counting debuts three brand new tracks from Hamdi and includes previously released tracks, including “Criminal” w/ Zeds Dead ft. Warrior Queen and “Counting” ft. Princess Superstar. Hamdi releases Counting with Zeds Dead record label, Deadbeats.

Counting comes jam-packed with Hamdi’s iconic whirling basslines and showcases Hamdi’s musical versatility. His new track “Arms Up” follows his speciality spiraling bass heavy sound. Hamdi’s other new tracks, “Duplicate” ft. Archie and “One Strobe,” switch things up and show off Hamdi’s genre-bending production skills. “Duplicate” ft. Archie mellows out the EP, with Archie dropping bars over a jungle beat, layering the drums and breakbeats with pianos, saxophones, and other electric beats. “One Strobe” is a burst of energy, with speedy rolling kicks and fast bumping drums. The sounds from well-known tracks like “Criminal” w/ Zeds Dead ft. Warrior Queen and “Counting” ft. Princess Superstar are some of the songs that have launched Hamdi’s career recently but Hamdi has a skilled mix of a wide range of genres. The Counting EP encapsulates why Hamdi is a legendary producer.

Hamdi will be coming down to AZ this weekend for Goldrush: Sonoran Skies at the Phoenix Raceway. His set will for sure be high energy and bass-heavy, one you won’t want to miss. Goldrush tickets are still available here!

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