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Electronic Harmony: Exploring the Fusion of Sounds in 5 Must-Hear Collabs

Electronic music has many genres, each containing numerous sub-genres, and each artist has a unique take that manifests in their music. Each artist represents their own world and perspective on electronic music as a whole. This is why collaborations are so enjoyable. It’s like two worlds colliding, creating a brand new, unique fusion, often resulting in songs that elevate each artist’s brand and signature sound. Nothing is better than two artists fusing their sounds extremely well, and I want to share five of my favorite collaborations where I believe the signature sound of each artist is captured and combined.

“Gravity” by SLANDER, Subtronics, JT Roach

SLANDER and Subtronics did an incredible job of fusing their styles in this song, and JT Roach has the perfect voice for this collaboration. The song starts with a heavy focus on vocals, discussing how you are pulling me back to you, whether I want it or not. This song has an incredible buildup composed with an orchestral-style symphony and seamlessly builds up into a heavy dubstep drop, combining the styles of both SLANDER and Subtronics. Subtronics’ signature high-pitched sound comes into the second drop as a counter melody, which is a great touch. The last drop features an insane chord progression in a future bass drop and is one of my favorite drops ever.

“Ease Your Mind” by GRiZ, Ganja White Night

GRiZ and Ganja White Night created an iconic collaboration in “Ease Your Mind.” Perfectly combining their sounds in all drops, this song showcases the production skills of both artists. The first drop is a bass-funk drop with wub accents that Ganja White Night pioneered, with the tempo and composition that GRiZ excels at. The second drop is a groovy, melodic drop highlighting different instruments, and you can always hear GRiZ’s team playing this live. They take it to the next level in the last drop, creating this sharp dub sound that is so funky, you might dance your shoes off.

“Spring” by Flume, Eprom

When this song first came out, everyone knew it was going to be experimental. Flume, who is incredible at experimenting with sound, joining forces with space bass pioneer Eprom, is a match made in heaven. Starting off with a quick progression of orchestra-like chords, the song quickly drops into full notes with complex rhythm and a heavy distorted bassline to support. In this song, it’s glitchy in both tempo and sound design, with the light sounds often heard in Flume songs. This song is perfect to get lost in.

“Into The Abyss” by Zeds Dead, Rezz

Two bass titans join forces into a devastating drop. Zeds Dead and Rezz created a heavy collaboration that will rock your soul. Starting off very chill and slow, the intro truly is a picture of the combination of Zeds Dead and Rezz. As the buildup slowly starts to unfold, you get bursts of bass notes, hinting at what is to come. When the drop happens, it is deep and heavy, yet not rushed, and it really lets you feel the bass. This song will knock your socks off.

“Resist” by Subtronics, Ace Aura

When this song first came out, it blew my mind. With the production skills of Subtronics combining with the bright sound of Ace Aura, I knew we were in for a treat. The song starts off with wonderful, intricate production and quickly builds up. At the pre-drop, the melody cascades down into a creative, bright dubstep drop. It almost sounds as if the song is being doubled with another song, as you have the heavy, deep dubstep notes contrasting perfectly with the bright sounds Ace Aura is known for. With a different second drop, you have that pointed, dubstep flurry. This song will stay on repeat.

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