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Entering The Fluxiverse with Flux Pavilion

It’s time to enter the Fluxiverse. Producer, DJ, singer-songwriter, and label owner Flux Pavilion is known as one of the greatest pioneers of dance music. Flux recently shared Fluxiverse, his most recent masterpiece, which is a wonderful tribute to the emotions and sounds that define Flux Pavilion both past and present. Take a look inside Fluxiverse out now via Circus Records.

Six new tracks total—four of which are some pretty iconic collaborations—are included in the new EP. Each record deftly transitions between his distinctive sounds from the past 10 years. Songs like “Where You At” and “Heavy Metal” delve deeper into his darker side, while “Paradise” and “24/7” with label co-founder Doctor P capture the heavier elements while also including a few catchy passages. “The Ones You Loved” is an emotional techno banger with LINK and Terror Jr, which really transcends the EP to an entirely different level. Flux has created something that is simultaneously nostalgic and refreshing but also pays homage to his dubstep roots. The EP is a brilliant blend of the modern and classic Flux, creating both festival bangers and club-ready hits.

If you’re ready to experience the Fluxiverse and so much more, join Flux Pavilion B2B Adventure Club (yes, I said that!) at this year’s Decadence Arizona: The Sky Realm on December 30th-31st. Get more info about the festival lineup and grab your passes here!

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