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Mainstream Takeover: Unveiling the 5 Space Bass/Trap Tracks Defying Genre Norms

Every now and then, a space bass/trap anthem garners so much attention that it transcends genre boundaries, becoming a staple in the sets of artists across diverse musical landscapes. This breakthrough not only propels the song into mainstream acclaim, but also catapults the artists to new heights. Personally, as a space bass enthusiast, witnessing iconic space bass tracks seamlessly integrated into house sets adds a unique and thrilling dimension to the experience. Let’s delve into five space bass/trap songs that have captivated mainstream audiences and deserve the recognition they’ve earned.

“Babatunde” by PEEKABOO, Grex

We kick off this list with an absolute icon in the space bass realm. In its early days, PEEKABOO was carving out a name for himself, and this track significantly accelerated his ascent. The song’s outset is ominous, featuring glitchy effects amplifying vast echoes that set the mood. The impeccably crafted intro builds up to a dripping sound, culminating in an insane space bass drop that tantalizes the senses. While the drop leans towards the chill side, it remains undeniably spacey, promising to transport you to another dimension.

“Snake Bite – VIP” by Eliminate

One of the most iconic trap anthems saturated the scene upon its release. Embraced by everyone, including major house artists, this track’s well-constructed intro boasts a solid melody, initially exuding a playful, almost video game-like vibe. The buildup effectively introduces tension, leading to a deep sound that prefaces the high-pitched, unconventional trap elements that astonished even non-space music enthusiasts.

“Griztronics” by GRiZ, Subtronics

Undoubtedly the most renowned song on this list, the collaboration between GRiZ and Subtronics is an outstanding showcase of their production prowess. This track, which gained popularity on TikTok, seamlessly melds the two artists’ worlds. With a stellar buildup and a solid pre-drop melody, the song unfolds into a moderate-tempo space bass drop, capable of liquefying your brain and prompting existential contemplation. The track boasts four distinct drops, each delivering a unique sonic experience.

“MHITR (Semi-Automatic)” by Hedex, Eksman

The most recent addition to this list, “MHITR”, is steadily gaining momentum and garnering support from top bass artists in the United States. Hedex, a prominent jump-up DnB DJ (a space bass-oriented subgenre of drum and bass), delivers a piercing space bass sound in the buildup, accentuated by the typical drum and bass rhythm. With a different yet equally impressive second drop, this track serves as an enticing introduction to the world of Drum & Bass for many.

“Feed Good Inc (Hairitage Remix)” by Hairitage, Gorillaz

Closing out our exploration is Hairitage’s long-awaited remix of “Feels Good Inc” by Gorillaz, an absolute festival hit in the past season with support from DJs like John Summit and Zeds Dead. While Hairitage maintains much of the original’s intro, the drop enhances the song perfectly, featuring deep, elongated trap notes that elevate this remix to iconic status. Check it out!

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