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Said The Sky Releases Heart-Shattering Future Bass Track, ‘Glass House’

Colorado-based artist Trevor Christensen, better known by his production name Said The Sky, has been making waves in the electronic scene over the past several years, captivating the hearts of listeners with his signature acoustic sounds and future bass melodies. Being no stranger to heart-breaking tracks and beautifully glum production, it’s no surprise that his newest single hits right in the chest.

Collaborative artists on the brand new track, titled “Glass House,” include CVBZ (moniker of musical artist Sean Jacobs) and electronic producer Terry Zhong. CVBZ is most known for writing emotional, indie-pop styled music that leans toward Chill Wave and R&B, whereas Terry Zhong produces what he describes as ‘Emo Dance Pop.’

With all three artists lending their personalized sounds to this project, the result is a soul-filled, heart-breaking track that combines the best of passionate singing with impressive vocal runs, lyrics that resonate with emotions of loneliness and reflection, and future bass melodies matched with masterful percussion that make your heart soar in the midst of sadness.

Listen to the new single below:

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