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The Clock Strikes ‘4 AM’ & The Real Riddim Hours Begin

Calling all my riddim lovers, OG Nixin and Duck Beats have brought yet another heavy hitter with their new track “4 AM.” It’s time to whip out them high knees with the classic swings and chops of that OG riddim style. “4 AM” is where trap meets riddim and blends some hard-hitting beats. The anticipated collaboration from the West Coast Don of riddim himself, OG Nixin, with up and coming riddim DJ/producer, Duck Beats, comes released under the Disciple Round Table Records.

OG Nixin and Duck Beats bring all the energy with “4 AM.” The booming bass and trap beats are layered with the twirling futuristic electric sounds that create the perfect intro to the heat about to drop, consumed into the heavy inverted chops and echoing drums of the drops of “4 AM.” This isn’t the first time OG Nixin and Duck Beats have collabed. Previous collaborations like “Still Bussin,” “Terminate,” and “Pull Up,” showcase the pure insanity the two of them are capable of when paired up. They did not disappoint with the electrifying energy of “4 AM.”

The late nights are for real riddim only, make sure to go listen to and add “4 AM” to your playlists. Check out more from OG Nixin and Duck Beats down below!

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