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Unveiling the World of Flutter House: 5 Must-Hear Tracks

Flutter House, also known as Stutter House, is a subgenre of house music that, while not entirely ‘new’ in the ever-evolving world of music, features fast-paced, repetitive accents during the drop and utilizes vocal samples that are chopped or “stuttered.” With Fred again.., a dominant figure in this genre, quickly ascending to S Tier headliner status, Flutter House has skyrocketed in popularity. Many emerging artists now have a platform to showcase their music to the world. After experiencing a live performance by BUNT., another prominent artist in this genre, at Red Rocks, I was inspired to curate a list of five outstanding Flutter House songs to share.

“Clouds” by BUNT.

“Clouds” boasts over 89 million listeners, and for good reason. This track is a quintessential example of the Flutter House genre, capturing its essence perfectly. It commences with beautiful vocals and swiftly builds up, with vocal chops taking center stage during the drop. A deep bassline complements the higher-pitched reverb sounds, creating a captivating chord progression.

“Danielle (smile on my face)” by Fred again.., 070 Shake

Fred again.. has been on a roll with an incredible catalog of music, and this track is no exception. It features a brief buildup at the beginning, quickly introducing the bassline and flutter, which become integral to the song, rather than just elements of the drop. With seamless vocal integration, Fred again.. has masterfully crafted this song, making it the perfect choice for vibing during a sunset drive.

“Tefe” by Fredy Lane

Fredy Lane executed this track exceptionally well. It begins with a captivating beat and a rapid buildup, incorporating elements of trap in the sound production. These elements persist into the drop, where vocal chops flutter alongside the trap progression, all set against a groovy bassline. If TroyBoi and Fred again.. were to collaborate, this song would be the result, and it has certainly been on repeat.

“Human” by Lavern

Vocals dominate this song, making it an absolute bop. Emitting a delightful, light-hearted vibe, the vocals seamlessly transition into the drop, which exudes beauty and perfectly complements the song’s overall positive atmosphere. With the chord progression more emphasized in this song compared to the others, it’s a true vibe, ideal for stargazing around a campfire.

“One More Weekend (It’s Different Remix)” by It’s Different, Audien, MAX

While this track may arguably fall under the house genre, music genres are often meant to be flexible. It incorporates enough elements of Flutter House to earn a spot on this list. A remix of one of Audien’s biggest hits, this song skillfully utilizes the vocals, and the drop takes the track to new heights. Featuring a fun, repeating pattern during the drop that moves up and down, with the melody serving as a counterpoint, powerful vocals and an outstanding drop, this song is a must-add to your playlist.

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