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We’re Bringing the Triple Threat to Tempe

That’s right Phoenix, we have three of the heaviest up-and-coming dubstep acts stopping by Darkstar for an action-packed night. Join us on February 9th as we prepare to headbang the night away with Point.Blank, Dr. Ushūu, and KILL FEED. In order to get prepared and excited for this night of all out bass, we wanted to highlight a few things that make each of these artists unique or special in their own right. We are bringing these producers to one of the most intimate venues in the Valley in Darkstar. With the upper deck for more spacious viewing or getting so close you can feel the bass, there is a view and a vibe that everyone can enjoy. 

Point.Blank, originally from Belgium, is one of the heaviest artists that you can find when it comes to tearing up the dancefloor with riddim and dubstep. Known as one of the best European dubstep DJs in a genre that is expanding fast throughout the continent, we are excited to be able to see what Point.Blank brings to the table. Bursting onto the scene in 2010, Point.Blank has not halted in his pursuit of greatness and continues to release headbang anthems. 

Dr. Ushūu is another one of the amazing up-and-coming artists who make up the Triple Threat. Dr. Ushūu had been on a tear this year playing at some of the biggest dubstep shows across the country and there is no telling when he is going to slow down. An artist who originally popped up on the scene as a future bass producer, Dr. Ushūu has found his home and his sound in the dubstep community. His most recent release “Quasar” has taken over the dubstep scene and we can’t wait to hear what he comes out with next. 

The final name to round out the Triple Threat is KILL FEED. KILL FEED is one of the most pure riddim artists that you can find. With origins on some of the most old school riddim labels like Black Label and Buygore, KILL FEED has made his mark with some of the heaviest riddim hits out. Prepare for the high knees energy when he takes over the stage. It is going to be pure riddim and headbangs all night long. 

Now that you have been introduced to the Triple Threat, it is clear that this is a Darkstar show that you cannot miss. Be sure to grab your tickets HERE and we will see you at Darkstar next February!

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