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Who Is Deathpact? Come to Sunbar to Find Out

We could not be more excited to bring Deathpact to the Valley once again. While we doubt that there will be a blockbuster unmasking, you can come and figure out who Deathpact is for yourself! Whether it is the insane experimental bass, the bass house, or deep dubstep, Deathpact is sure to impress and leave a mark. One of the many masked figures in EDM, Deathpact likes to keep their identity a secret by performing in their signature LED mask. Once playing in four cities at the exact same time, this collective of producers and DJs who perform as Deathpact are constantly keeping fans on their toes with their cryptic messaging and incorporation of a unique aura when performing. Be sure to come out and experience Deathpact yourself! 

While some of our favorite masked DJs such as Deadmau5, Voyd, and Marshmello have come out of their shells and shown the world their true face, Deathpact is one of the few DJs whose identity is truly a mystery. Are these figures even human? Who knows?! They bring the otherworldly tunes every time Deathpack plugs into the decks. Come out and experience bass that is out of this world. Join us this December 8th at Sunbar for a night that will be out of this world. Get your tickets HERE before they’re gone! 

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