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Alleycvt Debuts on Deadbeats with ‘Glitch’

“Pull me out the simulation. You could be my glitch in the matrix.” 

Northern Virginia native Alleycvt’s career has EXPLODED post-pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down. Now based in Los Angeles, her latest ventures include the Planet Supersonic Tour, major festival spots, and “Glitch,” her first release on the legendary Deadbeats label. 

With its soaring crescendos, dizzying drops, and wonky bass, “Glitch” really lives up to its name. The track begins with a soft introduction that steadily builds the track’s melody as we are greeted by Alleycvt’s ethereal, siren-like vocals. She hauntingly asks the listener to “take her out of this place” as the song continues to build tension. This tension is released as the track descends into its first drop. Mid-tempo wubs lead to bridge that is akin to descending through a digital portal. This descent leads to a repeated chorus that brings us back to the soft melody that we started with. In my opinion, this is where the track really begins to take off. 

Alleycvt’s distinct vocals are once again on full display in the form of a gorgeous bridge that expands on the themes of the track. Extended vocal bridges are her specialty and can often be found spliced with heavy drops. Individual songs can have multiple bridges, which makes for a fascinating listen. After the bridge concludes, the song drops a second time. This second drop bombards us with bass and holds nothing back. This is sure to get ravers headbanging at Alleycvt’s next festival set or club performance. The song concludes with one final bridge and chorus before leading into the final drop. This final drop helps us ascend out of the digital realm that “Glitch” immersed us in and return to our own plane of existence. 

This track is an incredible journey and a milestone in the career of an artist steadily taking over the EDM scene. Other Alleycvt highlights include the tracks “Pharoah,” “Religion,” and “Right Back.” Unfortunately, the Planet Supersonic tour has concluded, but be on the lookout for upcoming 2024 tour dates.

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