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Bassheads, Prepare for the Cyclops Army this NYE

This year at Decadence AZ, we are proud to bring you this years DJ Mag #1 DJ North America, Subtronics. That is right, there is going to be an invasion as the Cyclops Army comes out in full force. Whether you are a full fledged member of the Cyclops Army or this is your first time seeing Subtronics, we are sure that this set will knock your socks off. Subtronics constantly evolves his sounds and the rhythm of his sets. This means that even the most loyal fans have a new experience. For those who have seen Subtronics before, you can attest to the insane quality that Subtronics brings to his sets. There are few artists who command such a loyal following. There is no telling how many more loyal fans will continue to become avid listeners as he expands his genre pool. 

With albums, singles, collabs and more released over the past two years, Subtronics continues to impress with his innovative sound design. Working with some of the best and brightest, Subtronics is sure to make this a New Year Eve to remember with some crazy riddim and chopping. Not only is the sound design unique at a Subtronics set, but he often chops or mixes dubstep songs in ways that you would never imagine. There is something special about every Subtronics set and we could not be more excited about this two-day celebration of 2023. Get tickets HERE and we’ll see you on the 30th and 31st. 

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