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Hivemind: The New Hard Dance Powerhouse

Three absolute titans – Kayzo, Space Laces, and Must Die! – have joined forces to form a new trio! Dubbed “Hivemind,” this group promises to bring a fresh and intense energy to the hard dance spectrum, moving away from their known dubstep roots. Foreshadowing their introduction a little over a month ago via X – they made their breakout into the scene this past weekend with their first live performance.

Hivemind’s focus is on “Hard Dance,” diving deep into the subgenres of Hard Style, Frenchcore, Hardcore, Raw Style, and Up Tempo. This direction marks a deliberate departure from the dubstep sound that these artists are typically associated with. In a recent Instagram live, Kayzo emphatically stated, “NO, absolutely zero percent,” when asked about the inclusion of dubstep in Hivemind’s repertoire. He humorously added, “I think there is a better chance of the world ending,” showcasing the trio’s commitment to their new hard dance identity.

Each member of Hivemind is a celebrated artist in their own right, known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Kayzo’s dynamic range, Space Laces’ innovative production, and Must Die!’s hard-hitting beats provide the perfect recipe for a groundbreaking ensemble. Their fusion under the Hivemind banner marks a significant shift towards the harder styles of EDM, promising to deliver a new sound to fans worldwide.

One of the unique aspects of Hivemind’s approach is their dedication to creating original, high-energy sounds. Their hardstyle kicks & a nasty sample library is a testament to this. It’s a collection that epitomizes the raw, pounding energy that Hivemind aims to bring to their performances and recordings. With their commitment to hard dance and their collective talent, this trio is poised to completely redefine the boundaries of the genre. Fans can expect a fusion of intense rhythms, groundbreaking beats, and a live energy that only artists of this caliber can deliver.

Hivemind is more than just a collaboration; it’s a movement. By bringing together their unique styles and passion for hard dance, Kayzo, Space Laces, and Must Die! are not just creating music; they’re creating an experience. This genre shift is a bold statement in the ever-evolving world of EDM – offering listeners that are newer to the hard dance scene a glimpse into what they have been missing out on. Get the old school gabber & new school hakken dance vids qued up for a taste of what this genre shift is bringing to the table – be safe, have fun and do it at 150+ BPM to set the vibes right.

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